By EsquireLife

September 16, 2018

Are you Asking the Right Questions to Close?

A lot of times we think we can close deals because we give the client a lot of information.  This goes back to my previous blog Talking is not Selling.  You can talk all day to a client but if you’re not asking the right questions you wil not close.  One way I like to close is called, finding the need behind the need.  The reason a customer will contact you is because they have a problem and you have the solution.  You need to relay why your solution is so important. They can go anywhere but they’re here with you now.  Closing will get you more deals but I don’t want to beat around the bush.  Qualify your customer and close them hard.

I’m not here today to show you how to close,

because no matter what I tell you, your dumb ass is still going to use your evil ways and you’ll contact me saying my methods don’t work.  They don’t work because you’re scared to you use them.  Or you’re scared to talk to your customer like this because you don’t have confidence in your product or don’t have confidence in yourself.  Remember people buy you not the product.  How do you think all these real closers close deals on the phone.  They’re just a voice on the other end of the call.  These closers have to paint a picture to the customer and give them the warm and fuzzy for the customer to say, “Ok my credit card number is 4555 etc.

Since you’re not going to listen to me on how to close,

I’m just going to talk about how you might not be closing because you keep asking stupid questions. As you know I follow some of Dan Lok’s methods of selling.  The other day he posted a video called, “Stupid Questions Cost You Sales.” And it’s true if you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll just bore your customer or you might let the customer think, ” Why is this idiot asking me this question.” So you will lose the sale.  Think about this, you walk into a Shoe store to buy a pair a shoes.  The clerk that works there ask you, “Why do you need shoes.” “What are the shoes for.” “Are you looking for shoes.”  Yes you fucking idiot I’m looking for shoes, I need to shoes to walk in, the shoes are for my feet.

So what I want to do is go over some of the stupid questions that Dan Lok hears you asking.  I’m also going to add some of my stupid questions so hopefully you can figure out what you’re doing wrong.  You might ask the customer the wrong questions and you will  lose the sale.

How Can I Help You? (WRONG)

– Help, what am I drowning and I’m screaming for help.  Remember you’re not here to help you are here to solve a problem. You might think it’s an innocent question but remember this, Sales is psychological.  You need to get into the customers mind.  You’re the expert so act like one.

What Can I Do for you? (CORRECT)

– You want me to do something for you Mr. Customer.  When you do something for the customer you’re in power. Salespeople have to control the sale and show how you have the power because you have their solution.  I am the solution to your problem but it’s going to cost you money to get that solution from me. Guess what I don’t work for free.

Do you have a Minute to Talk? (WRONG) 

– A minute?  All you need is 60 seconds?  When you say that to me it means that you are going to rush through your pitch.  Plus it feels like a sales call now.  A sales call should feel liked a conversation.  Not spitting out every single service you do.  You feel rushed now because you told the customer that you one have 1 minute to talk.  If a customer calls in to buy a Hamburger, I’m not going to talk about Hot Dogs, until the close the Hamburger deal first.

Did I Catch you at a Bad Time? (WRONG)

– Of course you did, any time you call me it’s a bad time. Don’t lead the customer.  You might as well said, are you looking to get started 5 years from now.  Because guess what, they’ll say yes to get you off the phone.  The customers time is valuable and so is yours.  I don’t care if the customer is sitting at home jacking off to porn, you need to make sure you have good time to talk, this is why we set up appointments.

Is this a Good Time to Talk? (CORRECT)

– Look at the different from 1 minute, to the word Time.  I need your time to talk. If the customer say no this is not a good time, then set a time for them to call you back.  NOT you call them. Don’t be the customers little bitch.  Oh Yes Sir, I will call you back when ever you want. Look MotherFucker, Since this is NOT a Good time, then you call me back when you’re serious.  I don’t have time to fuck with you.  If the customer is serious then it’s always a good time to talk to you, or they will call you back at the time you told them to.

How Could You Not Want This Deal? (WRONG)

– If the deal is so good then why doesn’t the sales person buy it.  You’re making the customer feel dumb.  Don’t make the customer feel dumb but be smarter than the customer.  They will end up regretting the dealing because they feel you pushed them into the sale.

Are these the Right Tools you will Need to Succeed? (CORRECT)

– Let the customer tell you YES.  Of course they’re the right tools, and yes they want to succeed.  What are they going to say, NO.  “No, I don’t want to be successful.” If they’re not the right tools, please tell me which are the correct ones?  It’s not the tools, it’s never the fucking tools, it’s the Fucking Price.  Read my Blog, “Buy Once Cry Once.”

Do You Need Time to Think about It? (WRONG)

– Time Kills Sales.  Let’s me ask you a questions Mr. Customer, I’m going to sending you more information and call me back when ever you are ready.  We’re so quick to get off the phone to send them info that we don’t go for the close. Close you bitch, give a couple of closes to feel out your customer.  At the end of the day it’s not time they need, it’s the Fucking Money.  I don’t have money, I’m just a window shopper.  Always talk to the decision maker or the money person, don’t talk to the broke motherfucker. You don’t have money you don’t have my time.

Let’s Pretend We’re the Right Fit for You?  (CORRECT)

– It’s just a question you’re asking?  But that will get you a more honest answer.  If the customer replies with Money because they don’t have any, then stop fucking selling.  Don’t send them Shit.  Once they have money then they can call you back. What are they going to do with information you send them… Jack off to it.  I walked into a Bentley dealership, and didn’t but a car, do you think that sales person said, “Let me send you more info on the Bentley.”  Hell Fucking No.  If you can’t afford a Bentley then get the fuck out of here.  You want info go online Broke ass Bitch.

Would You Like me to Send you a Proposal/Quote? (WRONG)

– Proposal, what are you getting married to the customer.  Don’t send them shit.  This is why you just talk to them.  You gave them your pricing and what ever incentives you offered them.  If they don’t buy, then why waste time sending them quotes.  If your customer was serious, then they should’ve took notes when they where talking to you.  Next time someone asks you for a quote, tell them to write shit down.  The only thing you should send them is a Payment Link to where they’re going to send the money.  That’s it.

Can I send you an Email? (WRONG)

– Are you trying to become Pen Pals now?  The email is not going to sell for you idiot.  Remember that SHIT.  The prospect already has your contact info, remember they called you.  Why do you want to send them an email?  Mother fuckers don’t check their email.  But if you sent them a Snap Chat of a girl with big Tits, oh baby they would be all over you. If the customer is serious. they will contact you.

Did you have any questions on what you wrote down? (CORRECT)

– Check your customer, make sure they took copious notes.  A lot of times all you here is Ah Huh, Ah Huh, on the other side of the phone.  They’re not paying attention to you because you’re boring them, you’re talking too God Dam much.  Check them motherfuckers, remember I’m not sending you shit.  Fuck your quote.  I used to spend hours drafting up quotes and once I sent them to the customer, I might as well sent them to a black hole.  You’re constantly chasing the customer and all you’re worried about is, did they get there proposal?  Did you get it, Did you get it?  Instead of, “Let’s move forward on this deal, what’s your credit card number.”

Are You Looking to Buy Today? (WRONG)

– Of course they’re not going to buy today.  They’re just window shopping.  I need to make the window shopping into a impulse buyer.  When you say that, the customer will put up a guard because you’re already coming out as a sales person.  We have the solution to their problem.  Let them know that I’m able to solve the problem you have.  And of course you idiot, they have to buy if you go for the close to solve their problem, then it’s easier for them to say YES.

Where Should We Go from Here? (CORRECT)

 – Drive the sale.  Think about this, you’re the Bus Driver and ask the customer I will take you any where you want but you have to pay to get there.  We’re the vehicle and you have a place to go.  You have the solution and they have the problem.  I’m not sure how many fucking times I’ve said, “Problem/Solution.”  I have the solution for you, and I can solve your fucking problem.  Where should WE go from here. Yes, as in WE as in US.  Put the ball in their court.  Qualify your customer.  All I want to get is a Yes or No, don’t get a maybe.

We can’t go any where with a Maybe. Yes or No fucker.

In the end, if the customer doesn’t allow you to close because of money, or some stupid ass excuse they came up with, I want you to close the call like this.

“Well thank for sharing your problem with me, let me know when you’re ready to let us solve it.  Remember you called us because we have the solution. But In order for us to solve your problem with our Solution, it’s going to take money.   But for now since you don’t want our Solution then keep your money and keep your problem.”  

You’re probably too scared to say that because you sell like a Bitch. Read: You Sell Like a Bitch

“People hate to be SOLD, but they love to BUY. Closing is nothing but asking the RIGHT Prospect, The Right QUESTIONS at the Right TIME”    – Dan Lok