By EsquireLife

August 2, 2020

Stop Selling like a Bitch

First of all, your selling skills are weak because you are weak.  You find any excuse why the customer doesn’t want to buy from you.  You lead the customer on with negative answers so they can choose the worst. The funny thing is you contact me and you say that you don’t have any sales.  Yet when I hear your pitch on why you’re not successful, I want to slap you like a little bitch.

Stop being so weak.

The reason why you’re weak is because you’re fucking lazy.  You’re scared that if you do sell and close you will have to work after.  Well yes you dumb ass.  You’re running a business were we’re the Sales Person, Accountant, Researcher, Investigator, Technician.  We do it all this because we’re still starting off.  “But I want to focus on Sales only and not get dirty.”  Well stupid ass, then hire and train some one to do the hard word, because apparently you’re a bitch.  “Well then I will lose profit.”  No shit, just shut the fuck up and work then.

Of course, you hold a lot of positions when you’re starting off.  It’s called entrepreneurship. What’s happening is that you’re exhausting yourself in your sales that when you finally close a deal you’re too tired to do the work.  This is where a lot of people fail because they focus there energy on one part of their business, then forget there’s 5 more steps after the close.  Read: Talking is not Selling

If it’s taking a toll on you to do the work then hire someone.

They can do all the selling for you and you do the dirty work after.  Dumb asses think that if they hire an employee it means there profit will go down.  No dumb ass. Now you have an opportunity to do more work.  If you hire an employee you aren’t going to have the same 20 customers, this will give you the opportunity to make another 10 customers and still be able to focus on them.  “So if I hire a person why do I only get 50% more customers and not 40.”

Look Doo Doo head, You where already complaining that 20 customers by yourself was a lot. So when you hire someone, your team then you will be able to focus 100% on them.  You want 40 customers then hire 2 more, then you can handle 40.

Sometimes you have to a grown up mentally to understand this concept.

Another reason why you sell like a Bitch, is that you are so negative.  In your mind you find every excuse why not, instead of every reason why Yes.  “They’re not going to buy because he uses another product.””Oh they will never pay my prices because I’m too expensive.” “They look like they don’t need my services.”  

Are you fucking Psychic or Something?

Because if you are, then you’re in the wrong business.  You should be reading peoples palms or telling the future because apparently you know the outcome to everything.

Stop being a little bitch, you make up excuses because you are too lazy, you’re afraid to make a sale and work after that.  This is the reason you started this, is so you can be on your own.  I can just imagine the rest of your friends and family, they’re probably losers like you.  A Negative plus a Negative in your case equals dumb ass.  ReadAct Like you want it.

Like I’ve mention before, I don’t have any friends because everyone always wants to bring you down.  My wife is a very successful woman so I ride her coat tails so we can boost each other up in life.  I’ve even broke off past relationships, because the women I was with didn’t strive in life, they were complacent in a dead end jobs, still living with there parents, college drop outs, alcoholics, broke asses asking me for a hand outs.  Wow, Holy shit I need to stop…

Yet they clung on to me because I was there way out.

I’m a self made man and I don’t make people.

Same goes with my wife she doesn’t have any friends because she knows how these bitches can be evil, trying to snag her fine ass husband, that’s me.  (SIKE).

I can’t be around negative people. Negative people are like a disease.

Quick Story: The other day I went to go buy tickets to the county fair, and the lady behind the counter kept being so negative. “I don’t go to the fair no more because it’s always packed.” I replied this is why I’m going in the morning. “Even in the morning because it’s opening day it gets full of people.” I like going in the morning because the food is fresher. “It’s so expensive to buy food there, this is why I eat before.” “You’re just going on opening day because the tickets are cheaper.”  OMG, bitch, shut the fuck up.  You’re just mad because your lazy ass has to work on a Saturday and I’m paying your salary. I finally told the lady,

“Why in the fuck are you so Negative about everything.”

Stop leading your customers.  What does that mean.  It goes back to you being negative.  You are too scared of a Yes that you find relief in a No.  Here’s an example, you want to ask a girl out on a date, you finally get the small amount of courage but because you are negative, you feed the answer to her.

“Hey, I wanted to see if you want to go out to dinner, but I know that you’re probably busy, or don’t want to go with me or maybe don’t like Italian food so, I’m going to walk away now, thank you for your time,” with your dick tucked between your legs.

Next time you want to hear a negative person speak, find someone that has a Android phone.  Ask them why there phone is better than an iPhone.  They will give you every excuse in the world why there phone is better but no reason why iPhone is a more successful phone.  The way I see if they can’t afford it, then they will find excuse why it sucks.  They can’t accept the fact they suck.

Stop feeding the answer to your customers.

You feed your customers the answers in hopes that they feel bad for you and say Yes.

Be confident in your pitch. “What are you doing tonight? It doesn’t matter, I’m picking you up at 6 and we’re going to dinner at this beautiful romantic Italian restaurant. After dinner you and I are going back to my house and I will make you breakfast in the morning.”

Don’t give your customers reasons why you’re expensive,

give them reasons why your are quality.  You have to let them know why they have to buy from you.  If your customer say they can find somewhere less expensive, call Bull Shit on that.  Let them know if it’s cheaper somewhere else then why didn’t you buy there.  There is a reason why they are with you.  You are quality they are quantity.  A lot of customers spit you that line is because they want you to lower your price.

Do me a favor, I want you to walk into a Rolex authorized dealer.  I want you to ask for the 18k White Gold Rolex GMT II Pepsi with the Ceramic Bezel. That jeweler will put that watch on your wrist before giving you the price.  Once they put the watch on your wrist, they’re going to look at you with a straight face and say,

“This watch is $41,000. Did you want to pay cash or finance it.”

Trust me they will not bat an eye when they ask you this.  Also, they will not give you an excuse why you shouldn’t buy it. So stop being so lazy and negative about things that you can over come by being confident and stern.

$38250.00 + 8% Tax $3,060.00 = $41,310.00

Stop Overthinking Life. You can’t control what you over think. Control what you think. “I think I’m hungry.”  Well eat dumb ass.  “What if a week from now I’m hungry. What should I do.” Kill yourself.

I know it’s difficult for you to stop sucking on your mom’s tit, but at the end of the day you need to grow up and sell hard.  Weaklings like you made my business succeed, because I used to take all your customers and you would hate me.  I sold with confidence and knew how to work harder after I sold.

Time is Money, This is why I put Money in my Time

Now that I took all your customers and became successful, You need to take your own customers. What I’m doing now is giving you the tools to go out and be successful.  You need to stop being a bitch and lazy.  But if you take those tools and stick them up your ass, please don’t call me crying that your tools don’t work.  I will just call you a little Bitch.

Remember you sell like a bitch, because you are scared of hard work.

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