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October 22, 2017

The Watch to wear when wearing a Business Suit.

(Picture Source: Rolex Oyster Perpetual

There’s a lot of watches in the world…

You just have to make sure you wear the correct watch when wearing a business suit.  I stress the word business suit, only because it’s the outfit that says millions about you. Not only do you have to learn how to dress in a suit, but you also have to know what watch or timepiece to wear.  Depending on why you’re wearing a suit will determine the watch you will have on.  Maybe you’re going to a job interview, or business meeting, you want the person across from you to take you serious. (Read: 5 Things Not to Wear to a Job Interview)

Rapper 50 Cent wearing a G-Shock plastic watch in a suit.

Don’t Kill the Suit Vibe with the Wrong Watch

Do you wear a plastic sports watch in a suit, like in the picture with 50 Cent?  Do you really think that compliments his suit, this is only my opinion.  I think it doesn’t. There’s no law on what watch to wear in a suit.  But if you don’t have a nice timepiece to compliment your suit, I recommend not wearing one.  You don’t want your watch to be the focal point of your ensemble but a simple and subtle compliment to your professional clothing. (Read: What Your Watch Says About You) AND  (Does Wearing a Gold Rolex Make you Pretentious)

(Picture Source: DateJust with Jubilee Bracelet

Having Watches is Like Having Shoes

I wear different watches for different occasions, but one watch that I always wear when I wear a business suit is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust II.  The reason I love wearing this watch is because it’s the Professional Business Man’s Watch.  I call it the entry level Rolex, because of it’s price point but it’s slick but subtle look. This is the watch I pull out when I need to meet with executives or business owners and I’m closing an account.  Even though I own other heavy hitter watches, I want the person across the table to listen to my words and not be mesmorized by my Gold Submariner. (Read: The Right Watch with the Right Shoes)

Rolex DateJust II with Oyster Bracelet

There’s a Time and Place for your Heavy Hitter Watches

What do I mean by that you say?  I have other watches like my Rolex Submariners and GMT Master II.  Don’t get me wrong those watches are beautiful but they’re considered sports watches.  I do wear my sports watches with casual suits, but not in a business suit. When I’m in a business suit I want people to take me serious.  Not only is my suit a reflection of me, I have to also wear my power tie and shoes have to be on point.  My Rolex DateJust II brings everything very well.  Once I close all my business accounts and meet with these people again… Then and only then, I pull out the big guns.  (Read: Your Watch Age)

Two Tone and All Gold Rolex Submariners aka Heavy Hitters

Here’s an example of me wearing a suit while wearing the beautiful Rolex DateJust II


(Watch: Rolex DateJust II YouTube Review)

The Reason why the Rolex DateJust II is so Perfect

Not only for Business but for Casual as well

Don’t Let the Smooth Bezel Fool You

The smooth bezel is simple and it doesn’t get caught in my sleeve cuff, especially when I wear shirts with cuff links. When I wear my GMT Master II or Submariner the Bezel gets caught on my cuff.  It’s ok that it does that, but when you’re in a business suit and most importantly in a meeting you don’t want to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. Rolex DateJust II is the best Business Suit Watch of the year.  41mm size with a Smooth Bezel, Black Face with Elegant Stick Markers and Oyster Perpetual Bracelet, you can’t go wrong.

You can’t Have too Many of a Good Thing

My New Rolex DateJust 41 with Roman Numerals as of 04/19

I Bought Another DateJust 

I recently purchased the new DateJust 41, this is a compliment to my DateJust II. This is the watch I pull out now when I have my second meeting.  It’s like slowly pulling up the heavy hitters, once I’m on clients Yacht then I can show off the rest of my collection.  Watch my Latest Video on how I bought a Rolex DateJust 41 Slate Dial with Roman Numerals and Fluted Bezel.  This is the watch that gave my watch collection a great compliment.  I wanted a watch that wasn’t too Business or too Sporty.  My DateJust 41 was the perfect fit due do it’s beautiful Green Roman numerals and 18k White Gold Fluted Bezel.  (Watch: I Bought Another Rolex)


“Every Man should have at least One Good Watch.”

If you watch my YouTube video review, you will understand what I’m talking about.  Try not to be eccentric, like I mentioned in my last Blog about 5 Things Not to wear to a job interview  All in all, you always have to represent yourself, it doesn’t matter if you have a watch on or not.  If you’re able to afford this watch, then I do recommend to invest in this Beautiful Timepiece.  It could be your first luxury watch or an addition to you luxury watch collection.  I’ve always said to this to every man. “Every Man Should Have at Least One Good Watch.” (Read: Every Man Should have at Least One Good Watch)

Casual Suit while wearing a Rolex Submariner



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