By EsquireLife

April 14, 2019

Rolex Watches an Achievement of Success

Everyone I speak to always ask me for advice on how to become a great business person.  I always refer them to my website but then these mother fuckers come back to me asking about my watches because that’s all they read.  When I ask them if they read my sales blog, they respond, “I was going to read it.”  It’s like asking a rich person how to become rich, but all you want to do is sit in his Lamborghini.  Here’s the answer to your dying question.  Why is Rolex a, “Symbol of Achievement?” –  97% of you can’t even afford them right now, but at least you’ll learn how to earn them.  Please don’t think I’m going to talk about which watch to buy, but at least read this so you’ll have an understanding when you’re ready to buy.

Everyone has Different Taste in Things.

Some people like Fast Cars, some like Economical Cars.  Others like different types of foods and flavors.  But one important thing to know is when to buy and invest in luxury timepieces.  Don’t buy because of the Diamonds or because Jay Z was wearing it.  Buy it because you’re mature enough to look at it as investment and chapter of success in your life.  Also, one day you’ll be in a shit hole and guess what?  You might have to get rid of some watches to make ends meet.  That’s the tragic truth on my side.  If I ever need money, I can always get rid of my watches.

I’m Not a Horologist, I just Play One on TV

I don’t know how I got into watches, I just knew I had a passion for them.  They don’t do anything but tell the time.  Some of the watches I have don’t even have a light on them to see in the dark. Even though my watches just tell the time, to me my watches tell a story.  In one of my blogs, Read: What your watch says about you.  I talk about the type of watch you wear says a lot about you.  I did get a lot of criticism from that blog from all the cheap ass non Rolex owners.

Don’t Perpetrate on Something That is Tacky

Well, if a piece of shit Invicta watch makes you a man, then what does that say about your portfolio?  Sorry my friend, but I’m pretty sure your rims on your car are worth more than your entire vehicle.  That article wasn’t to make you cry, it was to make you think like a grown ass man.  The Watch Doesn’t Make You a Man, The Struggle Does,” to quote a funny YouTuber.

Your Watch Should Tell a Story, An Accomplishment in Life

Being in the Marine Corps for over a decade, Marines get recognized for their accomplishments with awards and accolades.  If your Unit did something above and beyond, you and your Unit would get a Unit Citation.  If you did something above and beyond then you would get awarded with an accommodation, like a Medal or even Meritorious Promotion.  My ribbons and awards where pretty fat because I had a lot of them.  Now that I’m out of the Marine Corps and work in the Civilian Sector, I miss working hard for those awards.  Even though those awards didn’t make me more money, well neither do my watches, they do tell a fucking story I lived and earned.

Reward Yourself Always, Others Don’t Appreciate Shit

In most jobs your rewarded for accomplishing a task, or closing a big account.   We’re given bonuses, gifts, and importantly raises.  You can also get promoted in your field like becoming Head of the French Fry Department.  But in the end they’re just titles.  While in the Marine Corps, Marines would wear their Business Dress Uniform.  Every Friday Marines would wear their Charlies, which was a business casual uniform that allowed you to show case all your medals and ribbons.

Wearing my Charlies and Ribbon Stack to me demonstrated to other Marines the struggle.   Marines that didn’t have a lot of awards would work even hard to earn them.  Each one of the ribbons or medals would tell a fucking story.  Maybe a story of combat or valor, or honestly being in the right place at the right time.

Earn Rewards No Matter How Small They Might Be

Now as a civilian I don’t have to wear Charlies on Fridays anymore and even if I did, my uniform wouldn’t fit.  But, in my opinion, wearing my watches is a form of showing the world my accomplishments.  Please don’t get this confused with showing off.  I wear my watches to show my accolades in life.  Every watch that I own tells a story.  I knew where in the world I was and what it took to get it.  My mom, bought me a watch when I graduated Marine Corps Basic Training in 1994 and I still have that watch till this day.  That watch to me was a reward for a life changing accomplishment in my life and that was becoming a United States Marine.

Stop Being a Follower, Be a Leader,

You Need to Become a Trend Setter.  I don’t buy watches because they’re trending or see a celebrity wearing one. The reason I choose the watches I do is because they speak to me.  The watch has to talk to me and say, “You have done it.”  Of course price has to do a lot with it but when you want something it doesn’t matter.  A couple months ago I tried on the Rolex DayDate with the Black face and Diamond Baguette markers.  In my opinion the most gorgeous watch ever in that line.

Even though it was easy for me to say, “I’ll take it.”  I looked at the watch and said, “I’m not ready for it.”  To me that watch was to tell me you finally did it, but I haven’t done shit.  I’m not ready to say, “I’ve did it.”  I told my wife and Antoine my Jeweler, “This is my 50 year old birthday present.”  Well guess what I have 5 more years and if I still don’t deserve it at that time, I won’t buy it.

Your Car has to be Worth more than your Watch

So don’t buy a watch just because you can afford it, buy a watch because you deserve it.  Every watch I have also has to fit my personality that day.  For example, when I drive my truck, I’m comfortable wearing my Apple Watch, or Rolex GMT.  Those watches are more of my casual or a watch that say, “I’m a hard worker, let me work hard.”

When I drove my BMW 650, I had to rock my Panerai PAM 510.   To me that watch told the world, “I don’t have to be flashy because my taste in that watch was classy.”  Now that I have my Tesla’s, I always make sure I wear either my Rolex, Breitling, or my Panerai. But once again, I wore them not to show off, but because there’s a story in them.

When you Choose your Next Watch or First Watch Make Sure it Hurts.

‘But I have a debt problem”, no you bitch, you have an income problem.  If you can’t afford a reward then you’re not ready for it.  Stop buying fake shit and showing off that it’s real. This is when you know that you’re showing off to others.  If you’re always faking your watches, in the future it’ll be difficult to prove it’s real because no one believes you.  Sell some shit and save up for it.

You can find an Oyster Perpetual for about $5000.00 or a used one for about $4,200.00.  You spend more money on clothes that will go out of style in a year, why not invest in a good timepiece?

Just Be Patient and Ask Yourself,

I’m buying this watch because I graduated college, I’m buying this watch because, I finally became a man.  Tell yourself why and make sure you believe your story.  In the Marine Corps you don’t get awards because you demanded them, you got awards because you were unselfish and deserved them.  This is why one of our Marine’s motto is, “Earned, not Given.”  You had to earn your rewards.  If I didn’t believe in my goals, I would just buy anything off the rack and probably be wearing those ugly ass Invicta watches.

Time is Precious, Yet Time is Worth the Wait

Once, I waited 20 years to buy a watch.  I waited so long because obviously in my 20’s I wasn’t financially able, but at the same time I wasn’t mentally able either.  I was still immature and didn’t want any responsibilities.  Even though I still had other watches before that one, I had to wait.  I knew when I walked in to that Rolex dealer, there was no contemplating.  My brain one day told me,“It’s time.”  The reason I knew was because I didn’t have to think about it twice.

You’ll Know When you’re Ready

I’d already purchased my second home,  I was making good money, and I had my dream cars, yes I said cars.  I knew I had to get all of those things out of my system first, so I can earn my long time reward.  So I called my Jeweler Antoine and purchased my Rolex Submariner Two Tone with the Blue Ceramic bezel.  Price, had nothing to do with anything because I was ready for it. $13,400 for a watch, how in the Fuck was I going to pay for it?

Set Realistic Goals and Make Sure you Achieve Them

I’m not done with my goals, I have goals that I have to accomplish until I die and even after I die I have goals.

I don’t know what goals you might have, but make sure they’re not stupid goals.  “If I drink this beer in one chug I will buy this watch.”  This is why people don’t appreciate shit in life, things are handed to them.  Remember don’t purchase a watch and think, “Yo this famous guy was wearing it.”  Buy your watch because people will know that YOU WORE IT.  “Yo, that’s that watch that Mother Fucker EsquireLife had on, that’s dope yo.”  LOL, by the way I wrote that quote to tell you what type of person buys to impress others. Read: Men Trying to Impress Men.

“The Ring you Buy her Should be 3 Months Pay.”

Who came up with that shit.  No wonder I always see women’s wedding rings and it looks like their husbands bought them in a vending machine.  The price of your next watch should hurt you.  It doesn’t matter the price, or how many months pay you save up.  Your next watch is an investment in you and your future.  The watch you buy needs to be ageless.  It should still look good 10, 20, 30 years from now.  This is the reason I buy Rolex because you’ll never lose your investment.  Even after 5 years, Rolex will take your watch back at Full Price and let you upgrade to the next precious metal.  Be smart when you make a purchase, it’s a big price to pay for such a small thing.  But at the same time don’t be selfish, this is a timepiece that will take you to the next level.

Investing in Rolex Doesn’t Make you a Baller

It makes you a Label Ho…  In this day in age, were people only go off of materialistic things, people who know watches will take you serious.  I know what you idiots are thinking, “The customer buys you, not what you’re wearing.”  You’re probably correct, just make sure you get my order right at the drive though next time.  I said, “Curly Fries not Regular Fries.”  Have you ever paid attention to a man driving a Toyota Corolla or rather a Lamborghini, Huracan?

I’m guilty of this, I’ve looked at men and woman, and based their success on the watch they wore.  Read: What your car says about you.  I was speaking to a successful woman one time and just by looking at her 40mm all Gold DayDate, I knew this woman meant business.  This lady was a closer, she was an older lady but just the class she would portray you knew just by looking at her, she demanded respect.

You’ve Never Seen Quality, Therefor you Don’t Know Shit

A couple months ago I bought my wife a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Read: I Bought My Wife a Rolex, and all her co workers said that her watch was fake.  What does that tell you about the quality of people she works with?  Even this Fat Ass woman that works there looked at her watch and said, “Yes, it’s not real.”  What fucking Rolex school did you go to you fat hippo?  All those idiots have ugly fat ass wives at home with ugly kids to match, of course they’re going to hate on my wife, she’s beautiful, tall, skinny, educated and her wedding ring cost more than their cars.

Of course these motherfuckers are going to hate on her.  Jealous people will always bring down your accomplishments.  It’s ok my wife also loves driving her Fake Ass Tesla.  But when my wife has speaking engagements people at her presentations pay really close attention to what she has to say, because they see and know her success.

Sorry I Went Off on a Tangent #HatersGonnaHate

Not only will your watch, make you and your entire outfit look good, It will tell a story of what you did to accomplish that reward.  That amazing reward and how hard you worked to achieve it.  So you don’t have to buy a Rolex, buy something that you think you deserve.  Buy for you and not for others.  The other day, I walked into Royal Maui Jewelers and looked Antoine in the face and said, “I’m ready for my next watch because it’s been over 10 years at the company I work at.”  This has been my first civilian job as an educator.  Why is that an accomplishment, because if it wasn’t for the Marine Corps, I wouldn’t be here today and have the leadership skills to lead my attendees to success.  I use to make Marines, now I make successful Entrepreneurs.  Read: You’re Not An Entrepreneur

Stay Tuned for my Vlog About My New Rolex Watch

Yesterday I bought a Rolex, Datejust 41, Slate Dial, with Fluted Bezel, Wimbledon Edition. How is that for a Fucking reward.  I’ll be shooting the vlog next week. Thank you all for reading and supporting

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