By EsquireLife

December 25, 2021

We are ending the year pretty fast, so what I want to do is kick your ass for you to start your new year fresh. First of all, I don’t want you to think I am better than you because I don’t have to think. I have been in the people industry for over 20 years, and I noticed about 95% of them are weak-minded. Now some idiots will not agree with me, and that’s ok because that proves that you are weak. (Also read: Negative People)

What makes you a little Bitch.

Let’s start with what makes a person weak-minded. It stems from not wanting to achieve things in their life. It’s a lack of determination, emotional strength, or intellectual capacity. The poor stay poor because they are comfortable in their environment. They saw their parents be poor and accepted their numb brains’ happiness amplified. There is one thing to be born poor and one to stay poor. I’m not saying you have to be rich, but at the same time, don’t hate me if we came from the same environment, and I strived, and you didn’t. Don’t you want better for yourself even to make more money than what you saw growing up? It’s ok; we need people like you in the world to separate the living class. (Also read: Are You Poor Minded)

You are not Important so don’t try too look it

At times you need to be clung to something. I notice with all the weak-minded people I have encountered that they always need to be talking to someone. It’s either them always talking to someone on their phone or need to be on social media to get assurance from another weak person. Weak people always congregate with each other. Who are you talking to that early in the morning about things that don’t or won’t ever exist? It would be best if you learned how to be alone. Disconnect yourself from the world and live. Stop trying to look important to others. Look in the mirror and see that you look like a clown. (Also read: Success is not the Prize)

You can’t be Alone

Ever since I broke off relationships with people, my life has soared to the next level. If you are the richest man in the room, guess what, you are in the wrong room. Always be the lowest earning in the room because you can learn from others that are better than you. Weak minded people are always influenced by other weak minded people. (TV, NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA, LOSERS LIKE YOU). Be afraid to be alone, only then you will see how successful you can be. The reason you depend on others is because you are not scared. (Also read: Don’t Start at the Top)

Learn how to Break Apart of the crowd

Others have a weak mindset towards family. But family is the glue that holds… STFU. Why do you need your family? So you can talk about lies and make yourself feel better. In the end, you need your family the same way you need to be talking to people. You are weak and can’t stand alone. Your ego needs to be filled with lies to inflate your mind. Visit your family and be the quietest in the room. This alone will show that you are there to fellowship, but you are not there for affirmation. When your relatives leave with their screaming, whiny, sticky, spoiled kids, then feel better about yourself. (Also read: Fail like a Man)

Find your Attraction

I have said this before, be an ass hole or a dick. People will not like you, but they will want to emulate you. Act like you don’t want it, and you will see people give you more. You need to be rich and not act rich. Buy things for you and not to show off to the world. A great example of what weak-minded people do. They spend money they don’t have to impress people they don’t know. Have power but let others think they have it because it will prove who owns it when it comes time to use it. (Also read: Life is Tough)

Work with me, Not Against me.

Hopefully, after reading this, your blood is boiling, don’t be upset at me. You are the weak-minded one. You don’t want to achieve in life, not even an ounce. Go ahead and stay home and collect government assistance while spending your money at the Gucci store. Men or so-called men, seek out other weak people already established with a career and home and move in and call it their own. You are not a man. You are a freeloader and opportunist that takes advantage of others. Build something for yourself and be proud, no matter how big or small it may be. The worst kind of weight a woman can gain, is the weight of a weak man. (Also read: Think Small be Small

I don’t need you, so stop wasting my Time

We are in a world where education falls to the waistline. Don’t educate anyone else but you. Work hard now to use less energy in the future. I am tired of helping those that seek my expertise and doubt my methods. You question these methods because you are weak and uneducated. You are like an old dog that shits himself because he is too weak and lazy to lift his leg. It’s ok because I have already proved to myself that it works. That’s why you are still poor and still shits on yourself. (Also read: Act like you Want it)

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